Why Restitution Today is Unscriptural

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I am presently writing a book on this hot and controversial subject called restitution. The book title is “Should a Christian Restitute?”. You can follow the progress of the book and be the first to know when it’s published by signing up for updates on this blog.


It’s such a surprise that though this is a hot burning issue among Christians in all denominations around the world today, but there is so little or no biblically sound material that really address the issue. I have combed everywhere in research. At most you just find materials that just mention it in passing.

The few materials available have a bias to the doctrine of restitution but are all very shallow and does not answer the many cogent questions on restitution begging for scriptural answers.

No wonder the argument and disagreement and misunderstandings on this subject is on the increase. There should be a comprehensive and biblically centred response to answer the question of restitution once and for all.

Dr Martin Luther, the reformer, fought against penance, today penance is back into the Church and its name is now called “Restitution”.

When ever this subject is raised among believers there is always no standard agreement. Sometimes tempers flare. Everyone seems to see restitution his own way. I believe there should be an answer to this long standing unanswered question once and for all. And that’s what the Holy Spirit has led me to do.

I did an online survey to gather thoughts on this subject. You can read people’s varying comments, contribution and views on restitution here.

These are some of the reasons why restitution is unscriptural today:

  • Its impracticable
  • It denies the finished works of Christ
  • Jesus never taught it
  • No New Testament writer taught it
  • Restitution is Judaism not Christianity

I will share more of them and further buttress these points with 6 posts I’ll be writing here. You will get the links below when they are written.

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