Why a Believer in Christ CANNOT go to Hell

The first truth I encountered in the Gospel as a growing believer was that ‘I’m safe in Christ and saved forever from hell and damnation’. Today, I’ll share with you some truth about out eternal security I’m Christ that I learnt and have kept me strong and flying.

In Christ realities

No Hell for a Believer in Christ

A believer in Christ cannot go to hell:

• Because Jn.3:16 says who soever believes in him shall not perish. 18 and 19 says who soever believes in him shall not be condemned.

• Because the sin that takes people to hell is that they refuse to believe in Jesus Christ – Jn.3:19;Jn.16:7-11 (emphasis on vs 9)

• Because Jesus is the one responsible for taking you to heaven – Jude 24

• Because your name was written in the book of life before the foundation of the world. Long before Gen.1:1 – Rev.13:8. You were choosen before the foundation of the world – Eph.1:4

• Because Jesus said once I come to him I won’t perish and no one (including hell) can pluck me out of his hands. Jn.10:27-29

• Because we have been saved to the uttermost – Heb. 7:25

• Because Jesus said it is the will of the father not to loose me to hell. Or cast me out once I come to him. Jn.6:37-40

• It is the responsibility of Jesus to raise you up on the last day not my good works(though good works is good) Jn.6:40

• Because if my good works could take me to heaven then Jesus wouldn’t have to come and die.

• Because you have eternal life – Jn.3:16

• Because you are in Christ. So where ever he goes you go. If he can’t go to hell you also can’t.

• Because Christ went to hell for you.

• Because heaven is not a reward but a gift.

• Because Paul the Apostle said if my works is bad on the last day I may suffer loss but i shall be in heaven. 1Cor.3:11-15

• Because you’ve been sealed – Eph.1:13

• Because it is impossible for any man’s good works to take him there. Imagine all the good works the Old Testament saints did but non of them could go to heaven. They were all in Abraham’s bossom. It was until when Jesus died and shade his blood that they could go to heaven. Meaning that no good works can take any man to heaven without Christ.

Good works is good but good works is not good enough to take you to heaven.

There are scriptures that seem to bring confusion but its all as a result of reading ‘out of context’ or ‘miss application’. If you have such pls drop them here and i’ll deligently help you out with them.

Enjoy Profused Favour today!!!

What have you learnt from the article?

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