Gospel quotes by Pastor Chris

You cannot gain by sacrifice that which you lose by the act of disobedience


Life without the Holy Spirit is terribly limited

Beloved, it makes a world of difference when you fight from victory and not for victory!

There’s nothing more the Lord needs to do than He already did for you in Christ. Take advantage of what He’s already done!

Those who haven’t learnt to function from their spirits are the ones dominated by natural forces and circumstances.

Doing christian things is the fruit of loving God, but the proof of loving God is keeping His word.

One of the most important things you will ever hear for your life is that your mind is under your control.

Man is a rational being, and God holds you accountable for your life.

Until you have a righteous life you cannot live a righteous life. Only a dog can live the life of a dog!

I would have never been a Christian if it didn’t work. The word works, prove it in your life!

I like to talk to people who want to change the world. Don’t hear things like this for nothing!

Refuse to die with people who have refused to live!

Our blessings, our inheritance in Christ, aren’t preconditioned on obedience; rather, they are our birthright!

God called the light to come out of darkness; this shows all things are possible.

There is no life more empty, no life more frustrating than to live without a reason. Find out the purpose for your life!

If you get dressed in the word of God, you’ll always look good.

True humility for us is to be submissive to the Lordship of the Word of God.

Are you living for yourself or for Christ? If you don’t answer this question now, you’ll answer it before God in retrospect!

Don’t think there is no way for you; your God is big!

You’re not going to be anymore successful than you are now except you change your way of thinking.
Joy is the product of fellowship with God, and fellowship is the secret of joy.

I know who I am. I’m a Christ-in-you person!

The word is not going to work for you because it is true, you’ve got to work-out your salvation!

Satan can legally hold no one in captivity anymore. The bondage is over!

Just act on God’s Word; the Word of God created the whole world!

Many keep doing the same things, and expect a different result; that’s not going to work.

The more you honour others, the more you’re honoured. You can only receive what you give.

You’re not subject to the evil that the people of the world suffer. You dwell in the secret place of the most High God.

No one is ever a fool for faith!
Faith only requires that you say “yes” to God’s Word and live accordingly.

Before you go out everyday; before you make that next move or take that important decision; before you make that choice, get yourself some quick charge!

Always remember that if God could do for you whatever you’re enjoying now, He can take you to even higher levels. Keep pressing into God!

The reason for the failure, defeat, sickness and weakness in the lives of many people is failure to trust and use the Name of Jesus in the crises of life.

Many suffer for long because they don’t know it’s their responsibility, not God’s, to effect the change they desire in their lives.

Souls whose lives you’ve changed are the ONLY worthy thing you are going to present to God.

Words are like seeds. Plant them carefully to nourish your faith and bless the people around you.

The best response to your critics is your progress. Doesn’t matter who’s talking about you, you just keep moving forward

Never make fun of something you do not understand. Be smarter than that.
Dominate in everything that has a name!

One thing you must not lose sight of is the house of God where He began to teach you. Never become promoted away from the house of God.

You can tell where your life is going because your words get there first; your life follows your words!

Prayer is a discipline. This is why you must pray even when you don’t feel like it.

You don’t have to struggle in your prayer for God to hear you. When you pray, God hears and answers.

Many Christians often make the mistake of stopping at the prophecy instead of using the prophetic word to continue in prayer. Don’t make that mistake!

Prayer prevails. It’s high time you started praying, and it’s not difficult at all.

Don’t change the good in you; one day you’ll be remembered for all the good you did.

You don’t need a humourist or jester to make you happy; the joy of the Lord is in your spirit!

When you get to the place where things are not as you expected, don’t run away. This is where you need the faith element!

The first step to your miracle is to get uncomfortable with your present state!

You must take your salvation more seriouly, not a Church ‘sleeping beauty’, whose eyes and ears take a break, as soon as the word comes!
Carry yourself with dignity, as one in whom the Spirit of God dwells.

We think the best, hope the best, talk the best, live the best because we are the best. Never forget that!

No one can take your place; you must bless the world with the investment of your personality.

Refuse to be a weakling; exercise dominion, for you can do all things through Christ, who strengthens you. Glorious testimony!
If you believe the Word, then boldly speak it forth. We don’t believe to be quiet! What is your testimony?
Satan has been firmly placed under your feet; live above him!
I love challenges because I always win!
I wonder why people wouldn’t read the Bible; if you knew what was inside, you’d spend your life on it!
If you’d stay in God’s Word, you’d not be sick. If you let the devil, he could kill you with just coughing!
Now that you’re a child of God, there’s nothing too good for you!
The supernatural life wasn’t exclusive to Jesus; He has given us the same quality of life.
The greatest thing you can discover on earth is the wisdom of God to make the right decisions while you are here. And you know what, you’ve got it!
Everyone of us wants to be successful in Jesus; He also wants to be a success in us!
Faith doesn’t speak and watch to see the mountain go; faith considers the mountain gone once it has spoken!
Every time you show a kind gesture in a godly spirit, you make a statement that says, “That’s how I want to be treated.”
Growing in Christianity is not about leaving the bad for the good; it’s about leaving the good for the best!
Sometimes, things get worse before they get better. So don’t change your word because your word will change everything!
When you voice your fears and doubts, you give them power over you. When they attack, just lift your voice and sing!
I discovered one major characteristic in Adam and Eve, and in all mankind, that made them vulnerable to sin – CHOICE. Choose wisely!
It’s usually pride that make us take offence; when you are not proud and you are humble, you don’t care.
What God has given to you is all that you need. Learn to apply it.
Our job is not to condemn or accuse one another. That is the devil’s responsibility. Don’t help him do his job!
Faith ia always a product of our conciousness of His personality; knowing who we are dealing with, and acknowledging His greatness.
It’s always up to us to live the life God has called us to live.
We are not trying to make our religion bigger or get more followers, it’s the salvation of men we are after. For only in Christianity is there fellowship with God.
If everyone of us can do a little, we can all do a lot.
I never make any major decision without the Holy Spirit. It’s not a policy, it’s a relationship.
We’ve received salvation, Christ is coming for us. What about your cousin, husband, friend etc who are not ready? To know this message of Christ and be quiet is wickedness.
You are only rich when you are rich towards God.
Listen brothers and sisters, nothing is impossible because anything is possible!
While you have the time, do what you must do.
The principle of success and prosperity in the scripture is giving.
Faith without a vision is empty.
When you become too busy to be in the house of God to study the word, you are setting up yourself for trouble
The thing you are using to measure for God is what He will use to multiply back for you. So be smart about what you are measuring with.
There is no lack in the world. God is smart enough; He has more than enough for all the people He allowed to come into this world. Have this mentality.
Wealth is spiritual. If it came by hard work, a lot who don’t have it would have it and a lot who have it would not have it. Wealth comes by power, power from God.
Until you are introduced to the Holy Spirit, your life will not take up the meaning for which you were born.
One of the problems people have is when they get bigger, God becomes smaller to them. Don’t be that way.
The way we react to a person who made a mistake can also be a mistake if we are not careful. Respond in love.
It matters what God you believe; the God that we serve, does not have too late!
Apologizing to the one you’ve wronged will cause you nothing but your pride. I think it’s worth the sacrifice.
The importance of prayer is not so much God’s answer to the prayer as it is the impact it has on our Spirit!
If you are not praying, then you are playing. And life is going to be a failure!
If you’re caught and arrested for being a christian, will there be enough evidence to convict you? Make sure there is!
God’s definition of prosperity is the triumph of the Word in your life.
We are so blessed to have the Bible; to be able to read and understand the scriptures. Take advantage of it!
we can make a lot happen through the spirit in prayer.
Your consistency in the profession of your faith is one of the most essentials of all christian attitudes. Keep talking it!
What would you like the Lord to do for you? What has He not done for you? If you would get the picture of what He’s already done, you’d be amazed at how wonderful your life will be
Until a man receives Christ, his purpose for life is unclear. Your Destiny in God begins when you meet the Lord Jesus and accept His calling for your life to be His witness, and become the unveiling of His love, of His Word, and of His glory. Hallelujah!
The world is controlled by a little who make things happen. The majority do nothing. Wake-up and do something!
God’s Word is Spirit. It has the divine capacity to stir you up, give you a vision, energize you for success and programme you for greatness. Don’t underestimate the power of God’s Word.
If you would put the Word to work in your life, you’d find that most of your prayers are unnecessary.
Praying without receiving is religion and religion gives you nothing.
When you pray, don’t believe you’ve received. Just receive!
Untill you learn to be grateful and thankful, you will not be healed.
There shouldn’t be enough discouragement in this world to stop you from preaching the Gospel.
Believe in yourself because God believes in you.
A christian that does not speak in tongues is like a plane that does not fly.
If you thought Satan had people who are willing to kill themselves and destroy human lives through acts of terrorism, be aware that God also has people who’re ready to give up all thy’ve got in order to save many lives. We are sold-out to the gospel!
Your faith stopped working when you thought it wasn’t working!
We don’t pray powerful prayers, we pray simple prayers to a Powerful God.
There is no weapon in the world that can kill the man who has choosen not to die by any weapon in the world.
Success starts first from your spirit.
The church of Christ is gradually coming to a place of maturity because the coming of the Lord is even nearer than ever
One Word from God is all you need.
Except you sow financial seed, you cannot receive financial blessing.
God doesn’t call you because you are ready, He calls you and makes you ready for the job. So don’t be hesitant to respond to His call.
The ability to carry out the instruction comes with the instruction. God never asks us to do that which He has not enabled us to do
You are dead if you ignore the Word and the Spirit, thats when you need a revival. So why not just stay alive and remain that way.
Great men and women are made by words.
Every genuine human question has answer and solution from the Word of God. The problem with alot is that they don’t take time to study the Word for themselves.
If you have a character of complaining, your problem will last for a long time. When you pray to God, make a request don’t complain.
Life is spiritual. The spirit world controls the physical world because, the Spirit God created the physical world. Understand this.
Bad things happen to good people, being good is not enough! You got to know the Word of God and how to handle life.
God doesn’t ask you to do anything for nothing!
The power of God to bless, to build,to give, to upgrade is His Word!
The Holy Spirit is more present than our adversaries! He’s a very present help in time of trouble. Have no fear!
There is height in Christ you can never attain untill you start winning souls.
Prayer is a relationship with God, not just a religious exercise we do to satisfy our conscience.
Untill you learn to be grateful and thankful, you can’t be healed!If you give Him your boat, He will never leave it empty.
Faith always works! If it didn’t work, it wasn’t faith.
Preaching is not only done in words, but also in actions.
Your life out there matters.The gifts from God to us are so great, but it’s amazing that one little tongue is what controls them.
Even if you don’t know any other thing, you ought to know today that God loves you, and He’s pleased with you!
God is more willing to give to you than you could ever be to receive from Him. He is more willing to help you than you are willing to be helped. That is God for you.
Without faith its impossible to please God. But faith is not enough!
Christianity without the Holy Spirit is dead!
Its not every open door you enter. Some open doors are traps.
It pays to serve God God’s way.
You are first and foremost a christian!
We play by a different sets of rules!
We live in two worlds. When the laws of this world try to frustrate you, you apply a higher law.
No one needs to reward you for character, life itself will reward you. And when it does, it does it in a big way!
There is a God shaped vacuum in every man that only God can fill!
Until you change a man’s thinking, you cannot change his life.
How much of Jesus was in your heart when you did all the good works you did? On that day, that will be all that matters!
God is not interested in that aspect of your life that is not connected to Jesus and soul winning. Human love is fickle. They cheer you today and boo you tomorrow. Don’t be a men-pleaser!
If you ever want to add anything to what you do, to your progress, don’t do it out of frustration! You cannot make a success of your life until you know that you are loved. Trust in the love of God for you!
The most successful people in the world do very little thinking. The key is in listening to the Master Strategist!
Christianity is not a religion. Its the out working of divinity in a human person.
You cannot serve God beyond your knowledge of Him.
There is no such thing as weakness in Christ Jesus except for the lack of knowledge.

You cannot gain by sacrifice what you loose by the act of disobedience.

The Word of God on the lips of faith is God talking.

Until you prevail with God, you cannot prevail with men; your victory has to be spiritually first, before it is physical. ffffffffffffffffggg
If you don’t proclaim your success in privacy, you will never experience it publicly
If you’re not making changes in your life, you’re not growing, you’re only getting older. Growth is making positive changes.
There is prayer from your lips and prayer from your heart. Prayer from your lips can do a lot; but prayer from your heart is God moving.
The amount of liberty you have in the realm of the spirit is dependent on the quality of your knowledge
God doesn’t triumph in your fears; He triumphs instead in your faith
The quality of life that you live here depends on the knowledge of God that you have

When you want God’s purpose to work in you, you have a part to play or a job to do. Prayer positions you. Prayer locates you. It puts you in a right frame of mind. It puts you in a right spiritual position where God can do for you what he already planned to do.

Faith is a proof. That means you have it. You cannot say I am trying to faith it. You cannot say I am trying to get it by faith. No. Faith means that you have the proof that it is yours. If it is true faith you cannot come back to say I had faith but it did not work. How can it not work because Faith meant that it had worked. Faith does not try to get something. Faith does not try to receive something. Faith claims it has happened. He doesn’t claim that it has happened so that it will happen. Faith claims that it has happened because he has possessed it. And because he has it, he acts that way, he talks that way, he thinks that way because he has the proof. The proof is in his spirit. If it did not work, it’s not faith. It is belief.

Faith is that connection between the spiritual l and the physical; Where we translate ourselves from the physical realm into the spiritual realm and then we start working there as possessors. That is what faith is. It catapults us into God’s realm of life. God’s ways of doing things. We play Hallelujah with forms. Spiritual realities. That’s faith. When you are functioning there, people of this world will not understand you. Baby Christians will not understand you because your language is different. You don’t talk like them. You are seeing the invisible but the invisible is visible to you. That is the life he has called us to live”

God is working in me, he is working in me the good pleasure of his will and so I am growing into perfection because the Holy Spirit is at work in me producing in me that which pleases God. I know where I am going, Glory to God!

What have you learnt from the article?

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