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  • Jesus Never Taught Restitution

    In my series on restitution”Why Restitution today is Unscriptural” that I said to begin, this is the first from the six I’ll be posting here. The law of Restitution was […]

  • Jesus is Our Restitution

    The law of restitution has always been a controversial subject just that it has never been properly dealt with from the light of the New Testament – the finished works of the Christ. Restitution is […]

  • Does the Holy Spirit Lead People to Restitute?

    Several people, who try to pay for their wrongs against God by their efforts, compensate for their past sins, do penance or as we generally call it, restitute, always claim […]

  • Did Zachaeaus Restitute?

    Today we shall be answering this question, did Zacchaeus restitute? Luke 19:1-10 is the only example of restitution those who teach restitution rely on but there are other restitution cases […]

  • Did Paul Restitute?

    If anyone should restitute it should be Paul. But did Paul restitute? This is a question that we will seek to answer to answer today. Anyone who is conversant with […]

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