Jesus is Our Restitution

The law of restitution has always been a controversial subject just that it has never been properly dealt with from the light of the New Testament – the finished works of the Christ.


Restitution is the non-Catholic word for penance. What the catholic call penance is what the others call restitution.

Under the law man was his own savior and messiah. Man had to atone for his errors, sins, iniquities and transgressions that was why restitution was practiced back then.

Despite all that man was doing to atone and restitute for his sins, his sins were not forgiven (removed, cancelled, cleansed) his sins were only covered temporarily. That’s why Jesus had to come.

If man could deal with sin by his penance, restitution and sacrifices then there wouldn’t have been need for Jesus, the messiah. When people insist on restitution it’s simply because they do not know what sin really is. They think sin is bad actions. Well, bad actions are just the fruits of sin. SIN is a nature, a spiritual state. No act of penance or restitution can deal with the problem of sin.

Why Jesus Came

  • To be our saviour (Lk.2:11; Acts 5:31; 13:23; 1Jn.4:14)
  • To seek and save the lost (Lk.19:10; 1Tim.1:5)
  • Give life (Jn.10:10)
  • Save the world from judgment and condemnation (Jn.3:17)
  • To bring forgiveness of sins (Acts 5:31)
  • Save sinners (1Tim.1:15)
  • To abolish death and bring life and immortality (2Tim.1:10)

Jesus as our Restitution

  • He restored that which i took (Ps.69:4)
  • He was wounded, bruised, beaten for my transgressions, iniquities and sickness (Isa.63:5)
  • He was made a curse for me (Gal.3:13)
  • He became my sin (2Cor.5:21)
  • Tasted death for me (Heb.2:9)
  • Took my sin and sickness (1Pet.2:24)
  • He suffered for my sins – the just for the unjust (1Pet.3:18)

Jesus fully restituted for you. No matter how you try you can’t pay or do away with your sin by yourself. Just trust in what Jesus did for. He did a good job.

What have you learnt from the article?

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