God is not Angry With You

You may have been feeling that God is angry with you because of all the wrongs you have done. Maybe you have even concluded that your life is where it is because of your sins. Yes, you may have truly done wrong against God but there is something you don’t know about what Jesus did on the cross for you.


You go about feeling guilty, condemned and angry with yourself. Deep in your heart you feel you deserve the problems surrounding you. You really want to serve God but you just feel your sins are too much and you can’t even break away from them. You assume God won’t forgive someone like you. Beloved, i have good news for you.

God loves you passionately; he has no bad plans or wishes against you. That’s why he sent his only begotten son to pay for your sins by suffering and dying (Rom.5:8; Jn.3:16; 1Jn.3:16) for your sake. So anyone who believes in Jesus is absolutely and forever forgiven. Your sins have been washed and being washed by the blood of Jesus (Rev.1:5; 1Jn.1:7). No matter how many or big they are.

Jesus took your place and paid for your sins and it consequences (1Pet.3:18; 2Cor.5:21;Isa.53:5;Heb.9:28). The punishment that you were to suffer was put on Jesus. God is not going to punish you for what Jesus was already punished for. It will be injustice for God to punish Jesus for your sin and punish you again for it. God totally emptied his anger on Jesus (Ps.84:2-3).

All the anger and judgment for sin was drained on Jesus on the cross. That’s why God forsook him on the cross (Matt.27:48). Jesus took your place as a substitute and bore the whole anger and judgment for your sins (1Pet.3:18;2Cor.5:21;Heb.9:28). This is goodnews. God now has nothing against you but love.

The only reason why there may be hostilities between you and God is sin and now Jesus has dealt perfectly with the issue of sin forever.

Jesus on the cross took upon himself ALL the anger of God and the judgment for sin. There is none left for anyone who believes in Jesus (Jn.3:18). Jesus didn’t come to condemn or judge you (Jn.3:17). That’s why he didn’t judge or condemn the woman that was caught in adultery (Jn.8:10-11).

He gave her the gift of no condemnation. She was not condemned though she was clearly wrong and that empowered her to go and sin no more. Until we know that there is no more condemnation for us we may still struggle with sin. Beloved, there is no condemnation for you who is in Christ.
God is not in heaven recording your sin (Rom.4:7-8; 1Cor.5:17; 1Cor.5:19;Heb.8:12;Heb.10:17). There is no bookkeeper in heaven recording sin. So stop condemning yourself. Since you’ve been condemning yourself has it changed anything? There is no record of your misdeeds in heaven. The blood has washed it all away. You don’t know this that’s why the devil is making you feel condemned.

My dear, God has forgiven you already and he promised not to even remember it at all (Heb.8:12; Heb.10:17). God is not holding your past against you. Stop condemning yourself. Stop holding your past against yourself. If you hold your past with your hands what will you hold your future with?

Condemning yourself and living in guilt and feeling sorry for yourself is not the solution. Just embrace God’s unconditional forgiveness and love and enjoy freedom. God has forgiven you. He forgave you before you even fell into those sins. God is your father not your enemy. He has good plans and thoughts of you.

You’re met (qualified) to receive anything you desire from God. The blood of Jesus is what qualified you not your good works (Col.1:12-15; Rev.1:5). So you can right now go boldly to God and receive whatsoever you desire (Heb.4:15-16).

God is not angry with you!

What have you learnt from the article?

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