Does the Holy Spirit Lead People to Restitute?

Several people, who try to pay for their wrongs against God by their efforts, compensate for their past sins, do penance or as we generally call it, restitute, always claim that the Holy Spirit led them to do it. So the question now is, does the Holy Spirit lead people to restitute?

As my custom is, we shall allow the Holy Bible to answer us. Before we commence you must know that the whole of the Holy Bible and the Kingdom of God is centered on Jesus Christ. Everything is done in and around Jesus. That’s why you see all the Old Testament activities were all pointing to Christ. So also when the Holy Spirit speaks, he speaks to exalt Christ and he alone crucified. He never contradicts Christ and his finished works.

The major way to know a false religion is CHRIST. The major way to test a voice is CHRIST. Any voice that does not agree with Christ and what he did for you on the cross is false and should be discarded hurriedly.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

  • The Holy Spirit is a person.
  • He is the third person in the God head.
  • He is a gift to the body of Christ.
  • The Holy Spirit is love. He is the Spirit of God.

What the Holy Spirit does Today

  • He comforts us – Jn.14:26; Acts 9:31
  • He teaches and reminds us all things (particularly the things Christ did and what they mean to us today) – Jn.14:26
  • He guides us into all truths – Jn.16:13
  • He glorifies and testifies of Christ – Jn. 15:26;16:14
  • He reveals Christ to us and in us – Jn.16:14-15
  • He leads us – Rom.8:14; Gal.5:18; Matt.4:1; Lk.4:1
  • He sanctifies us – 2Thess.2:134; 1Pet.1:2
  • He empowers us – Lk.4:14; 24:49; Acts1:8; Rom.15;19
  • He teaches us to pray – Rom.8:26; Jude 20
  • He bears witness in us that we are God’s children – Rom.8:16
  • He administers and operates in us his gifts – 1Cor. 12:1-11; Heb.2:4
  • He anoints for ministry – Acts 10:38
  • He guarantees our future resurrection – 2Cor.122; 2Cor.5:5
  • He quickens the mortal body – Rom. 8:11
  • He speaks to, in and through us – 1Cor.12:3; 1Tim.4:1; Rev. 2:11; Heb. 3:7; Matt. 10:20; Acts 2:4; 8:29; 10:19; 11:12,28; 13:2; 16:6-7;21:4,11
  • He guarantees us liberty and freedom 2Cor.3:17; Rom.8:15
  • He transforms us into the image of Christ – 2Cor.3:18
  • He reveals to us our inheritance in Christ – 1Cor.2:9-12
  • He supplies Christ to us – Phil.1:19
  • He guarantees our free access to God, the father – Eph.2:18
  • He gives us ability to know Christ that Christ dwells in us – 1Jn.3:24;4:13

I won’t have time and space here to explain all of the points mentioned above. I will just pick 6 of them and we’ll discuss them.

He teaches and reminds us all things – Jn.14:26: People explain this verse by saying that the Holy Spirit will teach us and remind us the things we forget. While that is good, that’s not the actual interpretation of this scripture. Jesus said exactly what the Spirit will remind us – he said, he will remind us of the things he already told us.

Jesus meant the Holy Spirit will teach us about the things Christ said about his mission and what he did, about what Christ really means to us today. About what his sufferings, death and resurrection means to us. This means when the Holy Spirit speaks to you today he will only tell you about the finished works of Christ Jesus.

He will tell you what has been done for you. Whatever he says will agree with Christ and his finished works. Christianity is all about what was done for us not what we must try to do for God. Whatever he says will have an underlining of the finished works. It will agree and be in consonance with the finished works of Christ. He won’t tell you to do anything that contradicts the finished works of Christ.

He guides us into all truths – Jn.16:13: What is truth? Truth is JESUS. Truth is the word of God. So the Holy Spirit will guide us to know and properly understand Jesus as our savior, messiah, advocate, high priest, lord and king. To understand what Jesus has done for us on the cross of Calvary.

Jesus has paid your debts. He has cleansed and washed you from all your sins. The Holy Spirit won’t tell you anything that contradicts this truth. He won’t tell you to do what Jesus has done already. He won’t tell you to pay for your sin that Jesus has paid for already.

He glorifies and testifies of Christ – Jn. 15:26; 16:14-15: The Holy Spirit will not testify of you. He will not massage your ego. He will only share with you the testimony of Christ. What is the testimony of Christ? It’s his triumph over sin, satan and death.

The Spirit will not glorify your strenuous efforts to please or court God’s attention. He will not glorify your self-righteousness. He will only glorify Christ. How? He shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you. What does Christ have? He has righteousness, victory, dominion, authority and power etc. so can you see what the Holy Spirit will take from Christ and show to you. This is what glorifies Christ. When people see what they have in Christ he is glorified. Christ does not have sin, weakness and sickness and poverty so the Holy Spirit won’t show you all this things. Whatever Christ does not have the Holy Spirit won’t speak it to you. Whatever Christ is not, the Holy Spirit won’t show or tell you about it. The Holy Spirit will never tell you to do penance or restitution. Jesus is your restitution.

He guarantees us liberty and freedom – 2Cor.3:17; Rom.8:15: The voice of the Holy Spirit will not lead you to bondage, guilt or condemnation. He will only bring you freedom. He will tell you and remind you of the freedom you have in Christ Jesus. We have freedom and liberty from the devil, sin and death. The Holy Spirit constantly reminds us of these things. He will only tell you things that will stir up faith, courage, confidence and boldness not fear, guilt and condemnation.

He reveals to us our inheritance in Christ – 1Cor.2:9-12: Your inheritances in Christ are the things that Jesus suffered for you to enjoy. Health, healing, riches and wealth, peace, forgiveness etc. are your inheritance in Christ. The Holy Spirit will never tell you otherwise. Any voice that speaks otherwise is the voice of the devil.

He supplies Christ to us – Phil.1:19: It all about Jesus. Whatever is the challenge we face, Jesus is the answer. So the Holy Spirit constantly reveals Jesus to us as it relates to the situation we are in. Jesus is everything to us. If you’re struggling with a bad habit, what you need is not to make penance, restitution or resolutions. What you need is to see clearly what Jesus has done about sin. The more I see how Jesus defeated satan and dealt forever the problem of sin the more I get free from sin and live for God. The more you see who you are in Christ you become it.

What the Holy Spirit will never tell you

  • He will never condemn you.
  • He will never intimidate you.
  • He does not speak outside the finished works of Christ.
  • He does not massage your ego or self-righteousness.
  • He will never take you back to the law. Restitution is the law.
  • He does not point to your weakness.
  • He will never dig your past.
  • He will never tell you to do what Jesus has done already for you.
  • He will never ask you to restitute.

As a believer in Christ you must know that the Holy Spirit will never speak about your past sins or weaknesses. He will only tell and remind you of your righteousness in Christ. The Holy Spirit will never ask you to restitute because restitution contradicts the finished works of Christ. Jesus restituted for you (Isa.53:5-6; 1Pet.2:24) stop trying to restitute for yourself except if you feel Jesus didn’t do enough.


What have you learnt from the article?

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