Did Paul Restitute?

If anyone should restitute it should be Paul. But did Paul restitute? This is a question that we will seek to answer to answer today. Anyone who is conversant with scriptures knows how Saul (Paul) was a terror to people who were followers of Christ. Let’s see in details below how Saul (Paul) lived his life before he got born again.

The Atrocities Paul Committed

  1. Made havoc of the church, imprisoned men and women – Acts 8:3
  2. Breathed threats and slaughter – Acts 9:1-2
  3. Did evil to the saints – Acts 9:13
  4. Destroyed believers – Acts 9:21
  5. Persecuted to death, bound and imprisoned men and women – Acts 22:4
  6. Beat and imprisoned believers – Acts 22:19
  7. Did many things contrary to the name of Jesus – Acts 26:9
  8. Imprisoned and endorsed the killing of believers – Acts 26:10
  9. Punished and compelled believers to blaspheme – Acts 26:11
  10. Was exceeding mad at believers – Acts 26:11
  11. Persecuted the church – 1Cor. 15:9; Phil. 3:6
  12. Persecuted and wasted the church beyond measure – Gal. 1:13
  13. Was a blasphemer, a persecutor to the church – 1Tim. 1:13
  14. Injurious to the church – 1Tim. 1:13

You can now see clearly how Saul (Paul) lived. The guy was simply a terrorist. I explained his terror acts in details in my coming up book “Should a Christian Restitute? Since we have seen how Saul (Paul) was such a sinner lets now see if he restituted in any way of all his bad acts.

Did Saul (Paul) Make Restitution or Penance for his Sins?

Nowhere in scripture are we told he did. If restitution was such an important act it would have been clearly written in the Bible for us all to learn. The Holy spirit would have spoken about it through any one of the New Testament writers. And even Paul himself would even have told us that he has restituted for all his wrongs. He was fond of telling us about his bad past but he never for ones said he did penance to have forgiveness.

Paul’s teachings suggested otherwise. Paul who is responsible for writing 2 1/3 of the New Testament and the one responsible for formulating most of the New Testament doctrines never said anything about restitution. Neither did the other New Testament writers did or even suggested.  What Paul taught is unconditional forgiveness (Rom. 4:7-8; Heb. 8:12; Heb. 10:17) and justification (Acts 13:38:39; Rom.4:25).

Now see what Paul said of himself here:

2 Cor. 7:2

 Receive us; we have wronged no man, we have corrupted no man, we have defrauded no man – KJV

See the same verse in the Message translation.

Trust us. We’ve never hurt a soul, never exploited or taken advantage of anyone – MSG

Paul here is saying that he has wronged no one, corrupted no one, defrauded no one, hurt no one, exploited or taken advantage of anybody. Is this really true? Isn’t this the same guy we saw earlier who persecuted, killed and did all sorts of havoc to people? I mean this guy made some people orphans, made some widows and widowers. Yet he is saying he has hurt no one. What is the Holy Spirit saying to us here through Paul the apostle?

  • Paul knew that as a believer in Christ he is justified from all things (Acts 13:38:39). All his wrongs were forgiven and washed away through the blood of Christ Jesus rev.1:5). He knew he doesn’t need to restitute or make penance to have salvation or perfect or complete his salvation. He knew salvation is complete and perfect only in Christ not in our efforts so that no one will boast (Eph. 2:9).
  • Paul knew that there is no more condemnation for him since he is now in Christ Jesus (Rom.8:1).
  • If we were to ask Paul to restitute, how would he ever be able to? Remember he will have to restitute fourfold. Many of the believers in the church then were victims of Saul’s wicked actions. One way or the other his actions in the past affected them. Some people who Paul made orphans and widows, to some their beloved resident pastor was brutally stoned to death and other loses were a part of the church some of those churches Paul went there to preach.
  • Did you notice none of those who were negatively affected by Paul’s former life asked him to restitute? They knew better than most of us today. Did you notice none of the Apostles like Peter, John, Mathew, James etc who Paul came to meet never asked him to restitute? They understood the scriptures better than most of us today.

Beloved, come out of that condemnation and enjoy freedom in Christ. Yes, you may have done some wrongs in the past but that’s why Jesus came. He came to correct all that. If we could do it ourselves there wouldn’t have been need for him to come. Jesus is your savior stop trying to be your own savior.

What have you learnt from the article?

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