30 Signs of a Guilty Conscience

Today, i’m sharing with you 30+ signs and symptoms of a guilty conscience. You do not have to suffer guilt for any reason because Jesus has paid the full price for ALL your sins. He was judged and condemned instead of you (Isa.53:5-7).


A conscience suffers persistent and sore nagging feelings when it thinks it has violated the law, done wrong or whatever violation and has not fully or satisfactorily atoned for the wrong.

Your conscience is not independent and it’s not the voice of your spirit. Your conscience is influenced by the mind. Whatever the mind is educated with is what determines the operation of the conscience.

A religious person who thinks he has to pay for all his wrongs not withstanding what the blood of Christ has done will normally have a weak conscience that nags whenever he fails to satisfy his religiosity.

A weak mind produces a weak conscience. A strong mind (educated with truths of Christ’s finished work) will naturally have a strong conscience.

You don’t have to see all these signs in your life before you conclude you’re suffering from a guilty conscience. Guilt is of the devil, no matter how small it rears it ugly head kill it early.

The scriptures below are sources for all the signs and symptoms of a guilty conscience listed below.

Gen.42:21; Ex.9:27; Ez.9:6; Job 15:21; Ps.40:12; Dan.5:6; Matt.26:69-75; Matt.27:3-5; Lk.5:8; Lk.15:14-18.

  1. An incessant nagging voice of the past.
  2. You always feel distressed over wrongs.
  3. You always feel condemned.
  4. It’s makes you become negative about yourself and others.
  5. You constantly anticipate evil.
  6. You keep expecting judgment from God.
  7. It makes you only see negative things about yourself.
  8. You feel always hopeless and helpless about your weaknesses.
  9. Produces a dreadful and nagging voice in your mind and heart.
  10. Makes you feel ashamed.
  11. You act timid and feel intimidated.
  12. You constantly recall your failures and dwell upon them.
  13. You have a deep rooted low self worth/esteem.
  14. You exaggerate your situation.
  15. You give up easily because you don’t believe you can.
  16. Constant troubling thoughts.
  17. Persistent emotional and psychological illnesses. Sometimes bodily illnesses.
  18. Always withdrawn into comfort zone.
  19. The feelings of unworthiness.
  20. You keep trying to please everybody.
  21. Persistent suicidal thoughts.
  22. Resorts to self righteousness.
  23. You have a desire to bring people down.
  24. You unknowingly make people feel guilty like you.
  25. You beat, punish and reject yourself.
  26. Poor relationship with yourself and all around you.
  27. You hurt people around you.
  28. You seem to struggle to trust anybody, even yourself.
  29. You feel everybody hates you. But actually you hate yourself.
  30. You justify why you’re where you are and suffering what you’re suffering.
  31. You feel God is angry and he is punishing you.
  32. You’re never satisfied with yourself.
  33. You blame everybody for your misfortunes.

Dangers of a Guilty Conscience

  1. Guilt grows and can grow to a chronic level where you attempt suicide.
  2. It makes you so much less productive in issues that matter.
  3. You won’t be the best that God created you to be.
  4. You won’t enjoy and experience all that Jesus’ sacrifice purchased for you.

You can be totally and absolutely free from guilt, you do not have to feel and live in guilt. Jesus has made you free. You’re forever forgiven and made righteous (2Cor.5:21). By reason of the ever cleansing blood of Christ, you are perpetually clean (1Jn.1:7). God sees you guiltless, stop allowing and believing the lies of satan agaist you.

What have you learnt from the article?

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