Good Works Can Not Tame Sin

Despite all the good works the Old Testament saints did none of them could obtain the promise, what they all got was a good report (Heb. 11:39-40). The promise was for them that are washed by the blood of Christ not the blood of bulls and goats that cannot really cleanse sin (Heb. 10:4).


It is very pathetic to see believers trying to deal with sin by their efforts, their self-discipline and good works. All the world’s religions are founded on self-discipline and good works.

Christianity is founded on Grace not what we can do to achieve morality but believing in Christ and his finished works and being made righteous (1Cor.5:21).
When people try to control sin by their efforts it simply because they don’t know what sin is.

Stop trying to pay for your sins by trying to court God’s attention. Sin can only be dealt with by blood (Heb.9:7, 14, 18, and 22). So except if you want to shed your blood, yours won’t even be accepted because it’s not pure enough. Just accept the blood that was shed for your sins and enjoy forgiveness.

All the Old Testament saints could not get to heaven until Jesus shed his blood. They were all waiting in Abraham’s bosom until when the messiah, the lamb of God will truly wash away sin. This simply means no good work or penance or restitution is good enough. Only the blood of the Lamb of God is satisfactory to God.

Study these Truths

  • All the sacrifices of Israel could not save them until Jesus shed his blood – Heb.10:1-4
  • Law keeping – Rom.3:20; Gal.2:16; Gal.3:11; Gal.5:4; Jas.2:25
  • The religious zeal of Paul – Phil. 3:4-11
  • The religious life of the Pharisees and Sadducees – Matt. 23:23-35
  • Your righteousness is a filthy rag – Isa. 64:6
  • The 2 fellows who came to pray. One relied on his good works, the other God’s mercy – Lk. 18:9-14
  • Good works couldn’t save Cornelius. He had to be born again – Acts 10:1-6
  • Cain and Abel. Only blood can atone for sin not our efforts – Gen. 4:1-7

All the above are examples of good works that never brought salvation of tamed sin.

Good Works can’t Tame Sin

  •  The best of us without Christ is a weakling before sin
  • Sin has no regard or respect for the arm of the flesh
  • The mighty Samson was a weakling before sin
  • The warrior king, David fell flat before a naked woman
  • The wise Solomon was foolish before sin. Could not tame his wild sexual desires despite all the wisdom
  • The bold and confident peter denied his master Jesus before a little girl
  • Man’s efforts to please god outside Christ is nothing but religion

Religion gives man reason to boast in his works because it prides itself in what it can do to court God’s attention and please him

Accept Jesus as your Lord and savior for the forgiveness of your sins. Sin is spiritual and no physical efforts can tame it, only Jesus can. For you that is already a believer keep trusting the work of Christ not the arm of the flesh.

What have you learnt from the article?

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